Paper boy & whiners

As I am working now and Tim is out of town my mom has been kind enough to come down for the week to look after sirs while I’m at work. We have made a discovery about baby sirs, which I think I suspected all along. This blog covers parenthood and the crappiness of it, and how sirs is a bit of a whiner… hence why I’m whining online. When I’m not at home apparently Cobain is the most well behaved, quietest, sweetest baby that ever lived. Um, which baby are you looking after all day, because I know my sirs is 1 of the 3 above mentioned. He’ll be playing perfectly content and the second I walk in the door he’s crying and rolling all over the floor, and cuddling his toys. It’s not as if I ignore him when I walk in the door, I drop everything and go right to him and give him hugs and kisses. What.the.fuck. Is it me? Is he suckie with me because he knows he can get away with it? Did he miss me? I’d like to say it’s because he missed me, but even after he gets used to me being around he’s still carrying on being a little bugger and whining. Why can’t we all just get along and not cry when we’re around each other? I’m hoping it’s just something he’ll get over, but good news for babysitters that he’s not as terrible, “allegedly”, as I make him seem.

As part of my super elitist job the odd time I have to deliver our business flyers to certain neighborhoods. Gah. First of all, NO ONE LIKES FLYERS, secondly, it’s awkward as all hell going up to someone’s house when they’re clearly home and trying to run away before they catch you. I had to explain myself to one half dressed man today who opened his door as I was waiting to not get sprayed by his sprinkler; otherwise I would have escaped in time, damn it. Half of what I said was unheard so I had to keep repeating myself, then as I was walking away he told me to take my flyer back. Rejected, and insanely embarrassing. I have to go back to that neighborhood tomorrow as I didn’t have enough flyers. I’m thinking of wearing a mask so people that I pissed off today with my stupid flyers don’t recognize me tomorrow.

The endless joke that is my life continues on…
Mumma C


You look like my 12 year olds friend

20130623-155227.jpgI often go on rants to Tim about how people should really dress their age, otherwise they just look stupid and they’re not fooling anyone. He says if you like it, then wear it, I say, if your teenager would wear it, you probably shouldn’t. I agree to a point that if it’s something you like then go for it, but there should be some restrictions. For example, I’m all about the neon, transparent and crop tops, it’s bringing back nostalgia for those raised in the 90s… That’s why we wear it 20 years later, right? However when I see girls who are barely old enough to cross the street without an adult wearing said clothing items, I seriously reconsider my taste in clothes. I used to love American Eagle, every pair of pants and a lot of tops I owned were from there. Once I started noticing the reoccurring theme that I was old enough to be most people’s mom shopping there, I once again thought, time to reconsider your wardrobe. Tim always asks when is the time to switch, when do you start dressing like an adult? I figure in your late 20s you should be dressing a little more conservative and not have your shorts higher than your vagina, but that’s just me.
Today I was at H&M, this store by the way is quickly becoming my next “do not enter store”, but I can’t resist. That store is such a jumbled mess of everything I find it like Winners and you really have to search for that diamond in the ruff. So as I’m near the back of the store I come across the band type shirts, some Pink Floyd, etc. Side note, band shirts should not be bought unless you like the band! Anyways, I stumble across a gem of the 70s, a Jaws tank top. I have a long history with that movie and it’s just something one cannot pass up. I snag the last small and happily start walking away, just as a 15 or so year old comes across the same shirt. Damnit. Looks like I’ll be putting this one back on the shelf. I thought maybe she’d just think it was some Shark Week movie and move on, but she kept sifting through, assumedly trying to find a small as well. Mua hahaha, I had the last one. Then her stupid fat friend looks around and finds one on display that’s a small, and the girl holds it up and looks like she’s going to take it. I’m thinking to myself, bitch you don’t even KNOW Jaws, put that shit back and go find a crop top! I was so into this shirt that I couldn’t bring myself to put it back even if someone half my age wore one as well. As I was walking up to the cash I saw the girl again with her hands empty. The shirt was too much for her to handle, so she put it back. So another day, another shirt that perhaps isn’t appropriate for my age, or maybe it’s not appropriate for a 15 year old… Yah, I’ll go with that.
Stay tuned for my interview update tonight!
Mumma C