Touch what?


We have more or less narrowed down who the lucky babysitter will be, however I still found the need to look for more tonight… Hmmm. The more and more I saw caregivers who have their own children in their home while looking after my precious, the more freaked out I got. I’m convinced all kids, and not naively, want to touch each others genitals. I’ve decided that my son is the only one who gets to touch his penis, not some 9 year old girl, or even a sweet, innocent 1 year old girl. I know this is a very taboo topic, and I’m making lighthearted jokes about it, but make no mistake, I’m not fucking joking around here. It terrifies me to leave my child with some stranger, and their weird kid. Most people ask for a criminal reference check before leaving their child with someone, but is there one for their 5 year old? Ummm nope. So needless to say, I’m just not ready to leave baby sirs with a caregiver and their pervy little child.
Which babysitter did we pick? Well, unbeknownst to her yet, we chose the 16 year old, and no, not for Tim to “drive home”. I’m still looking at other options before we let her know, because I’m too nervous still to have someone else look after my kid. Once again, something other parents didn’t tell me, when do you know it’s the right time and the right person for your kid and you?
Mumma C


Questions… And more questions

I feel there should be a handbook listing every single possible thing a speechless lump could do, and all the things to do when said things occur. My husband and I are constantly questioning what the hell to do in any given situation. “Should we give him a bottle”, “is he cold, is he hot”, “should we let him cry”, “is he hungry”, “are his teeth bothering him”, “should we keep letting him cry”, “I don’t know what to do, do you?”, “should he still be crying”, “do we go in now to check on him, or wait another 5 minutes”. Oh the list is endless, and this is just what we asked each other tonight, and we’ve had this kid for a year now. You’d think we’d know what we were doing by now… Nope. Luckily I have someone that picks up my slack and questioning without hesitation, even if he questions just as much as I do.
So I have actually been told by other parents that you question yourself a lot, ok cool, check ONE off the list. But I feel the questions they are talking about are things that could change the whole course of your child’s life. For example, am I giving him the right education, do I give him enough affection, is he getting the proper nutrition, have I taught him to be a well rounded, caring, community giving human being. Whereas, I’m fucking still wondering if you change the diaper after two pees, or one poop, and what does that cry mean… beats the hell out of me. Pretty sure most parents, at least mothers, master the cry after week one.
Wait! Maybe that’s one for the blog, something other parents never told me. They “say” they know their baby’s cry, “oh that one means he’s hungry, this one means he’s tired, this one means he peed, and wait… And a poo is on the way”. I was all ready to be the baby whisperer when Cobain arrived, but come 13 months later I don’t know one whiny cry from the next. I may pretend I do, because that’s what good mothers do. But hell, I’ve decided this blog is a free for all, and to let all those soon to be parents know what it’s really all about because no one will ever tell the truth 🙂 I’ll admit yet another thing, I don’t know one Cobain cry from the next!
What inspired this blog was a screaming, “crying”, baby a half hour into bed time, now after a million questions between us, and writing this blog, the beast has settled. Amen!
Mumma C