First day

Good evening readers. I would have written sooner but walking dogs took a lot out of me! I don’t have my usual witty and hilarious post tonight, mostly because it was the most uneventful first day I’ve ever had.

I shadowed one of the three employees at this company, and she was so organized, no room for error kind of girl nothing went wrong during my first day. Usually during my first day at anything I want to throw up the night before, I run through the list of uncertainties and don’t sleep the whole evening. The morning of I want to throw up some more, skip breakfast, probably shit myself a little, and have a tummy ache the entire drive to work. For this job I had zero stomach upsets the night before, slept like a beauty, and woke up only wanting to throw up a little. So all in all I thought this was a great start to my new job. I even woke up on time, didn’t actually have breakfast, but not due to nervous nausea but simply lack of hunger.

Since I’m kind of a loser, last night I went to see where I had to be in the morning so I didn’t have to stress about it the morning off. So this morning I knew exactly where I was going and was there 10 minutes early to meet the girl I was shadowing. We walked approximately 10 dogs in about 5 hours. Most of the dogs were real sweet and made me miss having one, but I also remembered how much I HATE picking up dog shit. Stupid dog. Clean up your own shit. There was a lot of driving, a lot of rules, and a lot of things to remember. Some owners were so ridiculous about their dogs like “she must let you walk out the door first, walk her to the left, leash approximately slacked at 5″ from your waist, don’t let her eat anything near the daycare” etc etc. Some rules I thought were a little silly, and still do, and I’ll probably just end up walking the dog like anyone would walk a dog. Put the leash on, go for a walk… done.

All in all I’d have to say it’s one of the best first days I’ve had. What’s even better is that you don’t have to deal with any people; not many people can say that about their job and you know that’s what most people would love in their job. Now I did get the impression that the schedule is all over the place and I get a new one everyone day, so that seems like it’d be a bit stressful as there’s no continuity to your life. We’ll see how that craziness pans out, but for now I’m getting paid to hang with animals, get a tan and lots of exercise.

Mumma C


Home Alone 8…. This time it’s mummy’s turn


Since we are living in a new city my husband goes back to see his family ever month or so. Last month I tagged along so i could see my family as well, but this time, baby and husband have gone for the week. Everyone loves having the house to themselves, regardless if you have children or not. I always get the most excited about the food I’m going to eat. It’s like I’m 15 again, my parents are gone for the night and I get to raid the cupboards. Only this time I’m 28 and I have a car to buy all the glorious treats that I never get because I don’t want to share them with my husband. I probably won’t have a single well balanced meal while they’re away, and dinner will start with dessert and end with dessert.
I’m laughing at myself while writing this because it’s not like Tim stops me from eating like a piggy wrapped in more piggy, it’s just that I feel less guilty, and like I said before, no sharesies. So besides eating like I’m at an all you can eat junk food buffet, what will I do with my week?
Well I do have my big interview that I need to brush up on my poop patrol municipal guidelines, so that’ll take all of no time. Most of the week will hopefully be spent outside in the sun, as it’s amazing how little I do it now with baby. Maybe get my hair done, or pretend that I have friends in this city and go out for drinks and dinner. Perhaps not as much writing will get does as my inspiration is gone for the week and I can only write so much about my eating habits.
Enjoy your weekend readers!
Mumma C