I think I just threw up in my mouth, and on my shirt

Ahhh, I hope this still reaches all of you and my greediness hasn’t affected you being able to access my site. When I made the site, “musings” never sat well with me because it didn’t feel original, even though when I thought it, it felt original. Then I looked up musings of mothers and the world wide internet (said in comic book guys voice) was CRAWLING with these musing mothers. Then I came across a friend’s site and it’s called silent musings! So came my decision to come up with a new name, and a more suitable name for what I’m really doing. Since I am new to wordpress and seemingly the internet, it seemed like I deleted my entire site and I started screaming. I THINK I have it under control now, but instead of going to the site http://www.nighttimemusingsnewmom.wordpress.com, it’s now www.nighttimedaydreamsnewmom.wordpress.com. Even though I’m sure those of you who are following me get automatic links to my page, those of you who are just clicking on the entry when it appears on Facebook won’t get the right site. I think I’ve calmed down a bit now so I can go, and I guess go to bed, booo. I was coming on here to write an entry, but I’ll save it for tomorrow, as my nerves are now shot all to hell. Go back to reading my normal entries, this one doesn’t count. Damn internet.
Mumma C


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