Home Alone 8…. This time it’s mummy’s turn


Since we are living in a new city my husband goes back to see his family ever month or so. Last month I tagged along so i could see my family as well, but this time, baby and husband have gone for the week. Everyone loves having the house to themselves, regardless if you have children or not. I always get the most excited about the food I’m going to eat. It’s like I’m 15 again, my parents are gone for the night and I get to raid the cupboards. Only this time I’m 28 and I have a car to buy all the glorious treats that I never get because I don’t want to share them with my husband. I probably won’t have a single well balanced meal while they’re away, and dinner will start with dessert and end with dessert.
I’m laughing at myself while writing this because it’s not like Tim stops me from eating like a piggy wrapped in more piggy, it’s just that I feel less guilty, and like I said before, no sharesies. So besides eating like I’m at an all you can eat junk food buffet, what will I do with my week?
Well I do have my big interview that I need to brush up on my poop patrol municipal guidelines, so that’ll take all of no time. Most of the week will hopefully be spent outside in the sun, as it’s amazing how little I do it now with baby. Maybe get my hair done, or pretend that I have friends in this city and go out for drinks and dinner. Perhaps not as much writing will get does as my inspiration is gone for the week and I can only write so much about my eating habits.
Enjoy your weekend readers!
Mumma C


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