My parents would be so proud

I had the wonderful joy of experiencing maternity leave, woo woo, getting paid minor ducats for a year to look after my own child. It’s been three months now in a new city, and no job, and let’s just say it isn’t going my way. I’ve applied to countless jobs, went on a few interviews, and nothing. Oddly enough, the interviews I went on I thought were my best interviews to date, but afterwards, not even a call saying, thank you for gracing us with your presence. I’m just a lonely boy, in a lonely world… with no job. My husband said I should start lowering my standards, and maybe suck a dick along the way; I’ve done one of the former. I recently applied for a job as a dog walker with a local business in Kingston, and guess who has an interview? This guy. My wouldn’t my parents be proud, private school tuition, undergrad, and a teaching degree… all so I could pick up poop for minimum wage. I may be scraping the barrel, literally, but a girl’s gotta pay the bills. Besides, if every dog walker movie has taught me anything, and I think it has, it’s the most romantic job; and it’s also how you get rich, handsome men to fall in love with you. Maybe this one can be my side sugar daddy who pays my bills and rent for me, and my dog walking is just a cover.
Let’s hope I get to live out my dream of living the minimum wage life, and playing with all of god’s creatures. Keep you posted !
Mumma C

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