It’s all rainbows and sprinkles out your ass on social media

Look out we may have a new addiction (I get them a lot), I kind of have a problem. Currently 4:30 am and all I’m thinking about is “what really grinds my gears”. I can’t possibly be the only one who feels this way, but I have never ever heard it come from any parent’s mouth. It’s the fact that being a parent is suckie, hard, mostly not fun, and you’re just counting down the days until they go off to college (yes, I do just have a 1 year old, what of it?). I’m guessing all parents mouths are agape right now in horror because they would NEVER feel that way about their precious children *rolling eyes currently*. When I get asked how I like being a parent, usually by other parents (because they’re the only ones who pretend to give a shit), I always answer, “oh it’s so great, fulfilling, best decision I ever made”, bla bla. To my non parental friends, I tell them the truth, and they wholeheartedly agree, “Oh yea yea, I can totally understand, kids suck”. I think the non parents have the right idea, but they’re never the ones giving advice on kids before you have them.
On Facebook, Instagram, etc everyone seems so happy with their children and filled with joy that this is what their lives have become. How true are those photos? I refuse to believe that parents can actively and routinely say how fulfilling and special it is to be a parent. Maybe that’s all it is, routine, it’s routine and you’re expected to feel that way once you have children.
Maybe I’m a horrible person, maybe I’m a horrible parent for actually admitting this, but it’s how I’ve felt since day one. You can say it’s postpartum, yes perhaps, as I did have it, but this just seems to be a feeling I can’t shake. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cobain, and sometimes he’s the damn sweetest motherfucker who ever lived, but I haven’t gotten that feeling yet… and parents, you know the feeling. It’s that feeling you’ve all been spouting to your friends and family since you first laid eyes on your children. So do you REALLY feel that way, or are you just hiding it because it’s not the “norm” to feel that way?


One thought on “It’s all rainbows and sprinkles out your ass on social media

  1. Everything looks great through an instagram filter… Social Media filters out regular life…. and yes… I always role my eyes at it too… I am loving your blog!! haha

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