I Feel Like an Old Lady

Still trying to figure out this new realm of blogging, and despite what it says, it wasn’t just a five minute set up process! What brought me here tonight was a screaming 13 month old at 2am and missing writing. Whether you read or don’t, that’s okay, helps me get my thoughts out when I can’t sleep at 3am

What has been running through my head tonight is why no parent ever discusses the guilt they feel daily with having children. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like that can’t possibly be true. By guilt I mean, don’t you constantly wonder am I doing this wrong, am I doing this right, is he fucked up for life because of me, is he okay because of me, is he not doing this because of me, is he doing this because of me. Do I play with him enough, am I teaching him enough. Maybe guilt isn’t the right word… I also think its 3:30 am and I’m just becoming frustrated with technology and I’m not at my best. 

Also in looking at the tags under this blog, I realize that what I’m writing isn’t earth shattering, or news to anyone, but perhaps, it will make me feel better. 


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