Babysitter, babysitter please come down

We are currently on the hunt for a caregiver for our son, and it hasn’t been easy, (one thing other parents HAVE told me). What I wasn’t told however is, how do you choose? We can ask a bunch of fairly indifferent questions that we really aren’t listening to the answer of, or just go by our gut, which I’m pretty sure parents do. Candidate #1- young mother of one, who would bring her kid to the job to hang with Sir, reasonably priced, lots of experience with young children and seems to genuinely love what she does. Only problem is she wants to be paid through the government and that means we have to essentially open a business to hire her…. Ummm, goodbye candidate #1. Candidate #2- 16 year old student who doesn’t text, only uses phone for “emergencies”, sweaty palms on the table, will ride bike in the rain to get to job. Seems legit. Candidate #3- middle aged Greek woman, showed up 20 minutes late to interview, wearing hot pink capris, has a some kind of speech impediment, (not her Greek accent), reasonably priced and wants to be paid under the table, doesn’t hit children (always a plus). She has won my heart. So, who to pick, who to pick. Stay tuned.
Mumma C

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